Aedis Eclipse is a Strategy RPG based in the fantastical world of Aedis. The game is divided into the Divine, Surface, and Lower worlds. Each has a World Map, and each of these will allow you to move into various Field Maps. The goal of each Field Map is to attain the listed victory condition(s). You must move your Captain across the field, battle the enemy, Terraform the land and build structures to move forward. More areas will appear as the story progresses.

World Map

You'll use the world map to equip your units, change Partners, distribute your bonus EXP, and so on. Partners will fight alongside your Captains during battle. You can also change a Captain's job if you have the proper Job Change item. After selecting an area on the World Map, you will move to the Field Map.
Divine World
White Angels and dark Hellions populate this godly world. It floats forever upon a sea of clouds.
Surface World
The verdant island of Aedis. Every living species once dwelled here, until Mugen arrived. It's surrounded by huge cliffs, and the ocean flows into the Lower World.
Lower World
An artificial world buried within the earth. A dark forest covers the entire Northeast, while the Southwest drowns in technology. Where these areas meet is the Zevans Kingdom.

Field Map

You progress through the Field Map by taking turns between the enemy's army and your own. The map is grid-based, and you will find roads and bases scattered throughout. As you move, you may come across elemental panels, which may affect your units during battle. You can expand your territory by occupying castles, towns, or waypoints, then construct buildings and terraform land as needed. If you run into an enemy unit on the Field Map, you will go into battle.
3D Field Map
The field is a true 3D map, which forces you to think critically. Plan ahead and pay attention to keep the enemy from getting the drop on you!
After moving a unit, various events may occur. These may be good, such as a gold bonus, or bad, such as a stat decrease. Some maps may even hide unique special events...
Treasure Chests
Once in a while, a treasure chest may appear on the Field Map. Get to that panel before the enemy to discover what's in inside!

Battle Screen

When you meet an enemy unit on the Field Map, you'll enter battle. During this phase, you win by defeating the enemy Captain, and lose when your own Captain falls. The battle system has been overhauled from the first GoC title to make it even better! Customize your Captain, soldiers (front line & rear guard), and Partners to form the perfect fighting force! Certain Captain combinations will unlock hidden events, and powerful supermoves are at your disposal once again. The battles take place in real-time for more heart-pounding action!

Basic 30 vs 30 Group Battles

Charge Up SP

And Unleash Deadly Attacks

Soldiers & Partners
You can customize two different soldier types - the front line and the rear guard. Partners will fight alongside the Captain. Choose your favorite combination, and feel free to experiment. You can also use items to summon strong creatures to fight for a period of time.
Group Attacks
You can use multiple soldiers to execute crushing group attacks. For example, you can form a human blade to slice through enemy defences, or double up your units and charge like a raging bull!