Long, long ago, battles were waged with blade and spell. The lush island of Aedis was constantly submerged in bloodshed. Eventually, this hatred and anger gave birth to an entity known as Mugen, which brought an end to all things. Mugen's dark lightning scorched the land, split the earth, and shattered the vessels of life. The few survivors fled to an ancient relic, the Otherworld Tower. As they entered, some descended into the earth, while others climbed to the heavens. Some, however, still had faith in their land, and remained in Aedis. Thus has the legend of this world been passed down. Now they call it a fairy tale, a mere child's fantasy.

Surface World

Ten years ago, the king of Zemora launched a sudden surprise attack on the kingdom of Laurid, their long-time ally. Laurid was a poor nation and, completely unprepared for such an assault, fell almost immediately. The Laurid prince disappeared and the Zemora Army occupied the land, ravaging its resources and citizens. Now, the swordsman Herault rides aboard Captain Gondola's ship in an attempt to return to his homeland. While docked at a local port, shipmates Duo and Liza explore the town. They return to find Gondola imprisoned by the Zemora Army's commander, Prince Steiner. Hearing that Gondola will be sent to the capital, Laurid, Duo and the rest set off to rescue him.

The Game

Generation of Chaos is strategy role-playing at it's very best, featuring 3 gripping stories, each with its own unique, compelling storyline.

Experience huge military encounters in an immersive 30 vs. 30 real time combat system. Hugely deep army customisation gives you the ability to customise your units, formations, battle style, equipment and more.

An intuitive tutorial will help guide you through the basics, to become a true leader.

The fate of the World of Aedis is in your hands.